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Doc'n Roll Film Festival

What’s On in London: Doc’n Roll Film Festival

Doc'n Roll Film Festival

The inaugural edition of the Doc‘n Roll film festival is taking place at the Hackney Picturehouse, on 26th-28th September. Doc n’Roll is the latest film festival to join the likes of the BFI London Film Festival, Sundance London, the East End Film Festival and many more. The only difference between the current crop of film festivals in the capital is that Doc ‘nRoll will be specialising in a feast of...

Organik Rocka May

Organik Rocka May - Monthly Newsletter

May is looking like a busy month at Organik Rocka HQ, and to kick it off we have our latest hit of groupies for the brand and our elusive band the Sex Pandas.

Groupie Love…


Ibai - Catalonia "The sensation!"

Ibai is wearing the signature Eye Love London Tee, a fan favourite. Grab yourself one from our online shop. In case you still don't know, the Eye stands for I, the nose is shaped like a heart and the teeth create the London...

Organik Rocka Easter Break

Organik Rocka Easter Low Down

The Organik Rocka Easter is here and we’re expecting an eventful weekend - as long as the sun continues to shine … fingers crossed!


We start this week with two of our latest groupies wearing tees from the Demo Range and Studio Range. Here's what Guilym from London had to say about Organik Rocka...
‘What a stall! I haven't had a laugh like this for ages! The designs are great, the material is so bloody soft.. but where is the music?!’

Organik Rocka Easter Groupie...</p>

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The Next Organik Rocka Tee?

Design Insipration For New Organik Rocka Tee

For the last two weeks we have been putting together ideas for the next Organik Rocka tee? We've been seeking inspiration in all shapes and sizes and this week the spectrum of ideas has really expanded! From the legendary hip-hop DJ and former member of the classic hip hop group Furious Five to poolside paradise and palm trees, inspiration can be found in the most unlikeliest of sources. Fresh fruit offered us the most unusual ideas for a new tee with what the fruit stands for - health, well being and...

Design Inspiration

At Organik Rocka HQ today we were in optimistic news, thanks to a fresh winter's sky greeting us in the morning... so new tees went straight to the top of the agenda. Before we jump into new designs with our graphics man, we search for inspiration from all walks of lives....

"As soon as we can get all the rockas in one room together, we will start work on new designs."
For now, we've been gathering together some design inspiration for you to feast your eyes on... design inspiration