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Organik Rocka Army

Posted by Organik Rocka on

When creating our limited edition jackets to start building an Organik Rocka Army, we never really anticipated the reaction they would get... obviously we loved them! Below is a picture from the weekend of friend of the brand Jimmy, from London, rocking our phoenix army jacket. The emerald green phoenix is now SOLD OUT and we are in the process of customising a new batch of army jackets for Spring... What should the next colour be? ...hmmm    

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Rocka Digest Week 2

Posted by admin on

Rocka Digest Week 2 In the second addition of Rocka digest we introduce you to yet another OR army recruit, the latest blog feature in Fat City Records and a introduction into the world of the Sex Pandas Against the Masheen! Army Recruit The latest OR army recruit - Jimmy - London “bloody cool & I’m proud to be wearing Organik Rocka!" Fat City Records are diggin' our Demo Range tees! Read the full article HERE Sex Pandas Against the Masheen NEWS! Introducing Fren Chi on Drumz. She is seen as the steel pulse of the group and only thinks of three things - drums, drums & more drums (not necessarily in that order)

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