Rocka Digest Week 1

The perfect way to start our new Rocka Digest weekly news feature, with a shout out to our new groupie and army recruits

First up;

"I'm a New Yorker but I heart London" - Emily from New York

rocka digest

Check out our latest recruit Hirotumi (all the way from Japan) rockin’ the Eye Love army Jacket!

rocka digest

In other news our brand new camo Army jacket with the emerald green phoenix logo on the back is now available at our Spitalfields and Broadway outlets!

rocka digest

Breaking News - Our friends the Sex Pandas have returned with a whole new look and some exciting news. Here's what they said earlier in a press conference

'WEe aVe Ju$ DeCIdED 2 UFiciALLy reElease Hour KNEw logo!! BAN pAYge PLuss vidZZ an MoR bamBOO fLavErd sHIT... StAy TUNEd MUthA FUNKers !!!'

rocka digest

.... and their following just keeps on growing...

"F***in rockin that panda shit!" - Abi from London

rocka digest

The new logo tees are now available at Spitalfields E1 and Broadway Market Outlets!

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