Organik Rocka Easter Break

Organik Rocka Easter Low Down

The Organik Rocka Easter is here and we’re expecting an eventful weekend - as long as the sun continues to shine … fingers crossed!


We start this week with two of our latest groupies wearing tees from the Demo Range and Studio Range. Here's what Guilym from London had to say about Organik Rocka...
‘What a stall! I haven't had a laugh like this for ages! The designs are great, the material is so bloody soft.. but where is the music?!’

Organik Rocka Easter Groupie Axe Tee

Get the iconic Axe Tee here

Next up is Stuart, from the band Mission Peace, rockin' the One Chief Rocka tee from our Studio Range..

'Mission peace will support Organik Rocka'

Organik Rocka Chief Rocka Studio Range

If you can find Mission Peace online, please send their music our way! Due to popular demand for our Studio Range, we’re currently working on some new designs to introduce this Summer. Watch this space. We dug up some old campaigns of the Studio Range, take a look


We talked about a possible collaboration occurring in November last year with The Outsider Motorcycle Club. The Outsider Motorcycle is home to a rare collection of vintage jackets, boots and other biker paraphernalia. After the success of vintage store on Broadway market, The Outsider has recently set up their own store just round the corner on Hackneys Mare street.

Organik Rocka Easter Collaboration with The Outsider Motorcycle Club

The limited edition boots and army jackets pictured have been a hit at our Spitalfields and Broadway Market outlets and we are now looking to push the collaboration into a full collection of tees, jackets and boots.


Zakuski London is a catering company specialising in canapés and zakuski, which means 'little bites’ inspired by traditional Eastern European and Middle Eastern dishes. They cater for a variety of events from gallery openings, receptions or private dinner parties.

organik rocka easter

Zakuski is our number 1 choice at Broadway Market, check out the their menu here or pop down to broadway Market tomorrow and try some of the delicious dishes they have to offer... Happy Easter y'all

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